Technology development for III-V tunnel FETs on a silicon platform

Partners: IBM, EPFL

Accomplished Results

  • InAs-Si heterojunction nanowire (NW) TFETs were successfully demonstrated and analysed, with good overall performance in terms of trade-off between high Ion versus small slope and high Ion/Ioff ratio, cf. D2.4, M2.5. (Ion ≈ 2.4 μA/μm, Ion/Ioff ≈ 106, slope of 150 mV/dec over three decades) [1,2]
  • InAs-Si heterojunction NW tunnel diodes with excellent performance were achieved highlighting the benefits of the InAs-Si heterostructure for TFETs. Very high tunnel currents of 6 MA/cm2 at 0.5 V reverse bias and negative differential resistance in forward bias with high peak current density of up to 570 kA/cm2 was demonstrated. [3,4]
  • In-situ doping of InAs NWs up to a concentration of 7∙1019 cm-3 has been successfully established [5]
  • Seebeck measurements have been applied to derive the charge carrier density and together with NW resistance measurements the mobility. [5, 6]
  • Ni-alloyed InAs contacts with low contact resistance were demonstrated. [5]
  • Tunnel spectroscopy was applied to investigate the InAs-Si tunnel junction. [7]
  • A new growth approach based on selective epitaxy in nanotube templates was successfully developed to integrate III-V materials on a Si platform for TFETs. [8, 9]
  • Scaled diameters of 25 nm and high yield in nanowire growth and functioning TFET devices was achieved. [9]
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Fig. 1: Schematic of InAs-Si (a) tunnel diode and (b) TFET. (c) SEM image showing a heterojunction NW. The InAs NW is grown on Si <111> by selective area growth [10].
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Fig. 1 (d): HR-TEM image of the InAs-Si interface. (e) FIB cut of InAs-Si TFET. [1, 4]
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Fig. 2: Resistivity versus doping concentration of InAs NWs. [5]
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Fig. 3: InAs-Si Esaki diodes. Influence of the n-doping level in InAs. [4]
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Fig. 4: InAs-Si nanowire TFET (A) Temperature dependence of Ion at VG=-1V. (B) TFET Ion vs VG before and after Ni-alloying. [1]
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Fig. 5: Integration of III-V materials on Si. Epitaxial growth of InAs NWs and InAs-InSb NW heterojunctions within a template. (a) InAs NW within template. (b) Selective growth of InSb on InAs. The SEM image on the right of the array shows a NW with the template removed. (c) InSb growth extending out of the template. Scale bar is 100 nm. [8]


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