Summer school

The 5th SINANO PhD Summer School was held from August 28 to August 31 in Bertinoro, Italy.
The school was devoted to the ultimate limits of computation, communication, sensing and harvesting for ultra low power and zero power electronic systems. The fourth day of the school was organized in collaboration with the STEEPER project and specifically devoted to steep slope switches and Tunnel-FETs. The special STEEPER session was thus very complementary and integrated to the rest of the programme.
The school enjoyed more than 30 registered students from all over Europe and Asia (in particular, China).
The programme included speakers external to the STEEPER consortium (David Frank from IBM US) and internal to the consortium (Prof. Joachim Knoch from RWTH Aachen, Prof. Pierpaolo Palestri and Elena Gnani from IUNET). It represented a unique opportunity to present to a vast audience of international PhD students the progress in Tunnel-FET research in Europe. It was also a useful opportunity for STEEPER researchers to confront their views with those matured in the US and especially at IBM on the margin of Tunnel-FET devices to become competitors against CMOS for different type of applications. Especially interesting was the data reported by D.Frank on the energy-performance trade-off of different technologies (including TFET) optimized for processor type of applications.

Steep slope switches for energy efficient electronics

Dr. David Frank, IBM USA System level advantages of small slope devices
Prof. Joachim Knoch, RWTH Aachen University Tunnel FET architectures and device concepts for steep slope switches
Prof. Elena Gnani and Prof. Pierpaolo Palestri, University of Bologna, University of Udine and IUNET Semiclassical and quantum mechanical modeling of tunnel FET devices. Part 1 (E. Gnani); Part 2 (P. Palestri)