STEEPER at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM)

STEEPER Consortium member IBM has been invited to present at the 2012 IEDM meeting in San Francisco.

16.6 InAs-Si Heterojunction Nanowire Tunnel Diodes and Tunnel FETs (Invited), 
H. Riel, K.E.  Moselund, C. Bessire, M.T. Björk, A. Schenk*, H. Ghonein, H. Schmid, IBM Research, Zurich, *ETH, Zurich
We have demonstrated InAs-Si vertical heterojunction NW tunnel diodes with record high currents of 6MA/cm2 at 0.5 V in reverse bias and TFETs with 2.4 μA/μm, Ion/Ioff  10^6 and a slope of 150 mV/dec over 3 decades. The achieved improvements can be attributed to increased NW doping and Ni alloying of the top contact.

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